Cyber Security: Google Play Store has banned 136 applications, see if any of these are in your phone?

Cyber ‚Äč‚Äčexperts have warned smart phone users about malware. Because of this, millions of users around the world have lost crores of rupees. That’s why Google has banned 136 dangerous apps on the Google Play Store. If you also have these apps in your phone, delete them immediately. By crossing security technology, cyber fraudsters have … Read more

Technology: This is how to delete duplicate numbers from the phone, now the same number will not appear 2-3 times

Most people change their smartphone in 2-3 years. Many people change smartphones in a year, although the contact list is constantly updated and this update often causes the same number to be copied two or three times. Such numbers are called duplicate numbers. This is because we copy the contact number to the SIM card … Read more