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[Answer] Where did cheddar cheese come from originally?

Question: “Where did cheddar cheese come from originally?

England – Today, cheddar is the second-most popular cheese in the U.S. behind mozzarella, but its origins date back more than 800 years to 12th-century England. According to popular legend, the cheese was discovered in a small town in Somerset named Cheddar Village, where farmers used gorges and caves to keep their milk cool on hot days. A milkmaid forgot about a pail of milk in one of the caves; when she returned, she found it had hardened into the golden cheese we’re now familiar with. Whether or not that actually happened, cheddar soon became popular with British royalty — there are written records of King Henry II purchasing 10,240 pounds of cheddar in 1170 and declaring the best cheese in England. In the 19th century, Joseph Harding (known as the “father of cheddar cheese”) developed scientific techniques for mass-producing the cheese and allowing it spread in popularity. :

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Quesion of the day : [Answer] Where did cheddar cheese come from originally?

liveanswertodayliveanswertodayliveanswertoday[Answer] Where did cheddar cheese come from originally?

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