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[Answer] Where is the world’s largest manmade cavern?

Question: “Where is the world’s largest manmade cavern?

China – The world’s largest human-made cavern was created in the late 1960s during the height of the Cold War. The Chinese military dug an underground nuclear plant into Jianzi Mountain, anticipating the need for defense. Thus, the secret 816 Nuclear Plant was born. About 60,000 soldiers dug 53 million cubic feet of dirt into Jianzi in order to place the country’s first nuclear reactor there. But that never happened. Nearly two decades later, the unfinished plant was abandoned, as the country pivoted its finances toward economic growth. The area remained restricted for many years but was recently opened to the public. Now, its countless tunnels in the 13-mile-long structure can be explored, including the 20-story-tall cave that was intended to hold the reactor.:

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Quesion of the day : [Answer] Where is the world’s largest manmade cavern?

liveanswertodayliveanswertodayliveanswertoday[Answer] Where is the world's largest manmade cavern?

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