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Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein Latest Episode Written Update 8 August 2021 weekly

Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein Latest Episode Written Update 8 August 2021 weekly : Just updated “Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein Latest Episode Written Update 8 August 2021 weekly ” Episode Full Latest Episode Written Update at liveanswertoday.com

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Running Time: Episode Run 20-27 Minutes

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Country: India

This week, Pakhi tells the family that she wants to move to her parent’s home and work. Mansi goes to temple because it is Samrat and Pakhi’s marriage anniversary. Pakhi thinks it is the day she chose her own destruction. Mansi asks Pakhi if she also forgot. Karishma says Pakhi never got the happiness in marriage so how will she remember. Pakhi says Samrat left within 2 days of marriage. Virat brings Sai home. Bhavani does their “aarti” together. Sai tells Ashwini that she missed her food in hospital. He tells them that Pulkit will come in the evening to pick Sai. Virat thinks Sai does not want to hurt them but is here only for few hours. Virat packs Sai’s stuff. He asks why she didn’t tell everyone about her decision to stay with Pulkit. Sai says this is the same room where he abused her about her character. Virat apologises again. He says he wishes he could change things and he was more hurt by hurting her. Virat asks her to not go. He apologises again and says he regrets what he did. He asks her to punish him but not go. Sai forgives Virat. They hug. Pakhi watches them. Sai video calls Pulkit. Virat tells him that Sai has decided to stay back in Chavan Niwas. Sai tells Pulkit that Virat apologised to her and she has forgiven her. Pulkit is relieved and asks Virat to take care of her.

Sai and Virat do “pooja” for Sai’s father’s death anniversary. Sai thinks of her father and says Virat takes care of her as he asked him. Sunny meets Virat in temple. He says their marriage anniversary is near. Sunny suggests Virat to take Sai to some hill station for anniversary. Virat likes the idea but is not sure. Virat tells Sai that his department is organising a trip and they have to go with their spouses. Sai says she missed a lot of classes because of accident. Virat says she does not have to miss classes as it is a weekend trip. Sai says even if she agrees, the family members will comment on them. Virat says he will handle them. Virat is very happy and hopes it will be a memorable trip for them.

Virat tells the family that he and Sai have to go on a trip organised by his department. They wonder if Sai is fit enough to go on this trip. Bhavani says they should take Pakhi along. Others are shocked. Virat says that is not possible. Pakhi taunts that they are going on honeymoon. Virat and Sai go for the trip. They enjoy the scenic route. Sai asks when the other officers are going to reach. Virat says they will come by train later. Sai asks where his colleagues are, but Virat says they are at another resort, because Virat made later booking.

Sai checks in to their room. Virat talks to Sunny abut how to handle situation with Sai. Virat goes to the room. Sai comes screaming and they both fall on bed. Sai says there is a lizard in bathroom. Virat teases her. Sai gets scared and hugs Virat. Virat is nervous how to handle Sai till anniversary surprise. Sai comes ready in a black saree. Virat is spellbound on seeing her. He tells her she is looking gorgeous. Sai thinks she is meeting his colleagues for the first time and her impression must be good. Sai says she will call the DIG herself to ask where other officers are. Virat tries to stop her when a waiter comes there and gives him a note from the organiser. The note says they must have dinner in their room only as the venue has a lot of lizards and insects. The driver takes them to a restaurant. Virat tells Sai to enjoy and not sulk. They get stuck in a huge traffic jam due to landslide. Virat takers her to the surprise location. He takes her to a place where he has arranged for eating under the stars. Sai is mesmerised by the view. Virat tells her to stop talking and enjoy. Virat gets dressed in an apron and chef’s hat and makes instant noodles and tea for Sai. Mohit stops Ashwini and Shivani from calling and disturbing them at midnight. Sai falls asleep. Virat clicks a selfie with her and says “I love you” and “happy anniversary” and kisses her. Sai gets up and is confused about what she heard and felt. Virat pretends to be asleep.

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