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Ishk Par Zor Nahi written episode 1 August 2021 weekly Copy

Ishk Par Zor Nahi written episode 1 August 2021 weekly Copy : Just updated “Ishk Par Zor Nahi written episode 1 August 2021 weekly Copy ” Episode Full Latest Episode Written Update at liveanswertoday.com

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Last week we saw that, Dadi send everyone out of the house and invited Savitri to home to take revenge from her and send her to mental asylum again. When Ishqi get to know about meeting of Savitri and Dadi, she made an excuse of dizziness and arrived at home with everyone. When everyone arrived at home Savitri ran away from there. Later Savitri got ill so Ishqi and Maasi took her to the hospital. Suddenly Aahan arrived at the hospital. Doctor give medicines to Ishqi and informed that patient need to take rest. Doctor was talking about Savitri’s health but Aahan thought he was talking about Ishqi. Ishqi went home with Aahan. Dadi reached at the kitty party with Sarla and Ginni. Riya and her mother also arrived at the kitty party. Sarla insulted Riya in front of Dadi. On the other hand Suraj arrived at hospital. Riya informed Dadi that she saw Ishqi with Maasi and a woman in hospital and leaves from there. Dadi started thinking that who was with Ishqi. Later at evening Aahan decorated the garden to give romantic surprise to Ishqi. Ishqi and Aahan come close to each other and they shared romantic moment together. On the other hand Dadi was still thinking about Ishqi and that woman with her. A man was staring Dadi for too long. Sarla informed Dadi about that, Dadi get shocked after watching that man. Kartik arrived at home informed Aahan that police have arrested Dadi.

Later Ishqi called Savitri and informed her that Dadi got arrested because Suraj has complained against Dadi. Aahan asked lawyer to ready bail papers for Dadi. Lawyer informed Aahan that Dadi’s bail is not possible and Savitri has submitted her medical reports and complaint that Dadi has given her drugs. Aahan get angry. Later Sarla arrived at Aahan’s home and started her mellow drama. Sarla started taunting Aahan. Sonu started crying and said how she can be so rude? Sarla asked about whom she is talking about? Sonu said she don’t know. Sarla started insulting Savitri and shouted at Sonu. Riya’s mother come to Sarla and asked what happened with Dadi? Sarla informed her that Dadi got arrested and Aahan’s mother has returned. Aahan attended a meeting and informed Suraj that he can’t start his work because he is stuck in something personal. Riya’s mother informed Riya about the incident. Riya decided to send her pregnancy report to Ishqi. Later Dadi came out of the jail. Savitri and Suraj was talking to each other. Savitri shouted at Suraj for registering complaint against Dadi to police. Aahan heard the conversation between Savitri and Suraj. Aahan and Ishqi reached at the home. Ishqi admired Savitri in front of Aahan and informed him that Savitri still think about Aahan. Aahan started thinking about Savitri.

Later Aahan arrived at Dadi’s room. Dadi started her mellow drama and started blaming Savitri for everything. Aahan asked Dadi to not to do this again and said he will handle everything and leaves from there. At the evening Ishqi come to Aahan and asked him to fight with her. Aahan shows gratitude towards Ishqi for supporting him in everything. Ishqi asked Aahan to listen to his heart and said there might be some situation due to which Savitri has left her children. Aahan thought he is cheating Ishqi for taking care of Riya. Riya message Aahan but he didn’t replied to her because of Ishqi. Later Dadi refused to eat anything in the breakfast, but Aahan forced her and asked her to eat something for her health. Dadi started her mellow drama. Aahan got a call and decided to go to office and leaves from there. A post card arrived for Ishqi, but she decided to open the post card later. After that Aahan meet Savitri in his office. Aahan shows his design for construction. Savitri started feeling uncomfortable. Aahan asked Savitri to focus on his model. Savitri left from Aahan’s office and went to washroom and there she started screaming and then she arrived back to the office. Savitri asked Aahan to start his work and leaves from there.

Kartik bring the post card to Aahan’s office and shows him pregnancy report of Riya. Aahan asked how he got this reports? Kartik started shouting at Aahan. Aahan asked Kartik to listen to him and explained him something, but Kartik was not ready to understand anything. Kartik asked does Ishqi knew about the Riya’s pregnancy. Aahan said he didn’t have enough courage to face Ishqi and inform her about everything. Kartik said Aahan is cheating with Ishqi. Later Dadi get Riya’s pregnancy reports and get shocked after reading the report. On the other hand Savitri get faint in front of Aahan. Aahan get panic and he called doctors.

When Dadi get to know about Savitri’s sick and Aahan is taking care of her, she got worried. Aahan called the doctor. Aahan thought Savitri’s life fell in risk because of Dadi. Aahan take care of Savitri. Dadi called Aahan and asked to stay alert from Savitri because she can do anything. Aahan shouted at Dadi and said is unconscious what she will do with him. Later Savitri get conscious and she shows gratitude towards Aahan. Aahan asked Savitri to take rest. Later Suraj arrived at the office. Aahan and Ishqi were going home but Savitri give gift to Ishqi. When Aahan and Ishqi arrived at home, Riya too arrived there. Riya informed everyone that she is pregnant and Aahan is her baby’s dad. Everyone get shocked. Riya informed that Aahan did mistake while he was drunk. Riya said when she get to know that Aahan has not informed about this to Ishqi she felt that Aahan is cheating with her.

Whether Ishqi will stay with Aahan or leave him?

This was the weekly summary of your favourite show “Ishq Par Zor Nahin”.

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