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Kumkum bhagya 18 July 2021 Weekly Latest Episode Written Update Copy

Kumkum bhagya 18 July 2021 Weekly Latest Episode Written Update Copy : Just updated “Kumkum bhagya 18 July 2021 Weekly Latest Episode Written Update Copy ” Episode Full Latest Episode Written Update at liveanswertoday.com

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Channel Live Show Tv Telecast Day: Monday To Friday

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Running Time: Episode Run 20-27 Minutes

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Country: India

Kumkum Bhagya is a Hindi TV drama television serial about a star-crossed couple Abhi and Pragya, who are now separated. Ranbeer falls in love with their daughter Prachi, while their other daughter Rhea vies for his attention.

Last week we saw that Pragya told Abhi that now in his loss she can frnd her profit. Abhi told her that her buisness, money and all this set is temporary because she has achieved all this to put him down. Then Abhi said that if he wants, he can still do a lot and can also change her mind and break her pride. Then the auction starts and Abhi came there in the get up of a bidder Mr. Saluja and won the auction. Pragya and Sushma goes to congratulate him and got to know that he is Abhi.

Abhi gives a warning to Pragya that never hurt his ego and his ability. He tells Pragya that she have seen the demo of his ability so he can spoil her plan whenever he wants. When he leaves from there Sushma decided to get the auction done again. Then Alia and Tanu arrived there with some papers and stops the auction. They told everyone that the mansion belongs to them and they are he real owners and also tell that Pragya is doing fraud with them. Then the man who won the auction ask Alia and Pragya to show him the papers.

After seeing them he said that this property is disputed. And Everyone leaves from there by saying that now they are not interested to buy this mansion. Alia told Pragya that she will never be able to sell this house. Later, Pragya tolds Alia and Tanu that she didn’t came this far to show off her buisness, money or make a profit by selling this house. She came here to take revenge from them and her victory is in watching them get tensed. She says that she have lost so much because of them and now she have nothing to lose and one must be afraid of the person who has nothing to lose.

Then she warns Alia and Tanu that if they again try to interrupt in her work then they have to go to jail. Sushma ask Pragya to be confident to complete her motive of coming back to India. Pragya says that this time she will forget all her past memories and now Abhi has to suffer from failure and pain, and this will be her victory. Siddharth has gone to club with his friend and there he sees Rhea. He tried to go to her and ask her out.

But before that police has arrived and raid that club. Siddharth calls Ranbir to tell him that he is in problem but someone takes his phone and his call got disconnected. Ranbir and Prachi gets worried for him. Police caught Siddharth but Rhea helped him by saying that he is her husband and he is a nice man. She tells the police that a girl standing nearby puts the packet of drugs in his pocket. Then Police let them go. They are keeping an eye on them, so Rhea goes with him in his hotel.

Ranbir thanks her for everything. Then when she is about to leave he ask her when they will meet again? Rhea told him that they shouldn’t make this complicated because she don’t want any kind of relationship right now and they should end this here. Ranbir finds another packet of drugs in his pocket. Meanwhile, Prachi is watching news of Bangalore and sees Rhea in the video. She tell this to Ranbir. They both decided to go to Bangalore to find Ranbir and also Rhea.

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