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Kundali bhagya Latest Episode Written Update 8 August 2021 weekly

Kundali bhagya Latest Episode Written Update 8 August 2021 weekly : Just updated “Kundali bhagya Latest Episode Written Update 8 August 2021 weekly ” Episode Full Latest Episode Written Update at liveanswertoday.com

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Running Time: Episode Run 20-27 Minutes

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Country: India

This week we saw that Srishti leaves her house with Janki. Sarla came to know about it and calls Preeta. She feels that Preeta is upset. Preeta is crying a lot. Sarla asks her to tell the truth. Preeta tells that she is not pregnant. Sarla is shocked to hear this. Preeta also tells her that she can never be a mother. Sarla does not believe her words.

She feels that the doctor must have made a mistake and she should get the test done again. Karan is going towards his room. Here Preeta tells Sarla that she has not told anything to anyone yet as everyone was very happy. So she could not tell anything to anyone. Sarla gets sad seeing her crying.

Preeta gets upset that her luck is so bad but Sarla advises her not to be sad. She also believes that she will become a mother after some time. Karan comes into the room and is shocked to see Preeta crying. Karan questions Preeta why is she crying. Preeta tells that there was some problem in the house so she started crying. Karan takes the phone from her hand and adds that from now on she will not speak anything sad in front of Preeta. Sarla tells him about Srishti. Karan informs her that he has called Srishti here.

Later Srishti arrives at Villa and goes to meet Sameer. While he is busy with Ananya which bothers Srishti. He tries to calm her down but she doesn’t pay heed to his words. After this, She saw that Archana is talking with Shrikant about some past. She tries to find out the whole truth but is unable. While Sherlyn thinks to harm Preeta.

Sherlyn comes to the kitchen and sends the servants out saying that they are being called out. Sherlyn then lets the gas open so that Preeta burns a little and the doctor will come to check on her. Then everyone will know that Preeta is not going to become a mother. She also sprays air freshness so that Preeta does not smell gas. Later when Preeta arrives at the kitchen she is about to get burnt but Sonakshi saves her.

Sonakshi remembers that she saw Sherlyn in the kitchen. She doubts Sherlyn’s intentions. Here Rakhi and Dadi are looking at the clothes of the children. Rakhi feels that they should go to Preeta so that she too can choose clothes. Sonakshi believes that this is Sherlyn’s work because she saw her in the kitchen and Sherlyn did not even try to save her. But later she finds out that someone has kidnapped Sherlyn. Shrelyn too recalls how Prithvi saved her from this mess. Then Mehndi function gets started and later Srishti interrogates Rajat.

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