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Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 4 August 2021 Pratigya slaps Shakti Copy

Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 4 August 2021 Pratigya slaps Shakti Copy : Just updated “Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 4 August 2021 Pratigya slaps Shakti Copy ” Episode Full Latest Episode Written Update at liveanswertoday.com

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At the beginning of the episode, Shakti tells Sajjan Singh that Mr. Kumar is calling I think he approved our tender. Meanwhile, he picked the call and asked how was my surprise did you liked it? Mr. Kumar said, forget everything I won’t do anything as she gathered everyone and created a scene over here. He informed how Meera ran out of his office. Shakti told him don’t worry I will bring a new one for you. Mr. Kumar says don’t expect anything from me and I won’t let your work be done in any department. Sajjan Singh whispers I will kill him.

Krishna was telling Pratigya not to worry as nothing will happen to Meera. Suddenly Kids came and ask what’s special tomorrow? They both pretend as they don’t remember Kirti birthday. She gets upset and asks do you really got your memory back or mom you lost yours? Krishna said why you are saying this and I know tomorrow is your birthday and we will celebrate it.

Shakti was thinking how this tender went off from his hand. Kesar came and asked why Meers didn’t come along with you? Shakti says you have become a judge by staying with that lawyer anyways I think you forgot yesterday’s punishment.

Pratigya went to Meera and saw she was crying. She tells her we should not cry over one person like this. Meera says when no one is there in life all these things happened which occurred today. Pratigya saw red marks on her neck and started asking what happened? Meera acknowledged the happening. Pratigya straightly went to Shakti and slapped him. Shakti screams what? Pratigya told him don’t dare to ask me why I did this. Pratigya tells them don’t look at me like this because he deserve this. Krishna says she is right because his silence is proving that he has done something.

Krishna asked Pratigya what he did? Pratigya showed them those marks and in addition, says you included her in your deal to make your work done. Sajjan Singh took Shakti’s side and told her what’s the big issue if she is coming into our use. Pratigya slams him for having such a mindset. Krishna started beating him but Sumitra defended him. Pratigya told him don’t do anything as I have called the police. Krishna says it’s good you called them or else I would have killed him right here.

Meanwhile, the police came to arrest Shakti but he started blaming Krishna for having two wives and says I don’t like all this that’s why they are making me arrested. Pratigya tells him don’t try to change the topic if I will tell truth then you all will go to jail. The police ask Krishna why you are keeping another woman in spite of having a wife. Pratigya says if it would be a problem them wife should have a complaint. Meers tells them I don’t want to lodge any complaint so please leave.

After they all left Shakti tells Pratigya to get things clear before calling the police. Krishna and Shakti started arguing but Pratigya told him don’t argue he won’t confess his mistake. Later Kesar tells Shakti I am unlucky that I am not having any daughter then you might have sold her too. Shakti says think for me also.

Pratigya asks Meera why you stopped them from arresting Shakti. She told her if I won’t come in between then they might arrest Krishna. Pratigya told her don’t worry for her they can’t arrest her as he hasn’t done anything wrong. Meera told them I don’t want to trouble you all anymore.

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