Udaariyaan Written Update Today 14th September 2021

Udaariyan Written Update Today 14th September 2021

Udaariyaan written update today 14 september  – Udaariyaan  is one the most popular television drama telecasted on Colors TV. This show is created and Produced by a famous actor couple of television industry Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey. This show was first premiered on premiered on 15 March 2021. This show features some interesting personalities as lead roles such as Priyanka ChoudharyAnkit Gupta and Isha Malviya in the lead roles.

The fans of this show wants to know about the upcoming episode beforehand. The popularity of this show is so immense with huge fans. And to help the curious public, we have mentioned the written update of  udaariyaan 14th September Written Update here. You can read it and know what’s about to happen. Check udaariyaan Written Update Today and all related news.

Show Udaariyaan
Date of Launch 15th March 2021
Producers Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta
Genre Romance and Drama
Time 7:00 p.m.
Channel Colors TV
Update Date 14th September 2021

Udaariyaan Written Update 14th September

The story rotates around three people for example Tejo Kaur Sandhu, Jasmin Kaur Sandhu and Fateh Singh Virk. Tejo and Jasmin are sisters with various characters. Jasmin fantasies about going to Canada one day while Tejo needs to remain in her pind and complete her fantasies. Fateh is frantically infatuated with Jasmin and fantasies about wedding her and consuming his time on earth with her. The story takes a significant turn when upon the arrival of marriage, Jasmine ditches Fateh and for family notoriety, Fateh is hitched to Tejo.

Things deteriorate when Jasmine understands that she needs Fateh back in her life and plays her shrewd strategies to coexist with Fateh. Fateh attempts to fail to remember Jasmine and as she returns, he attempts to stay away from her yet can’t stop himself. He begins undermining Tejo and later discovers Tejo with his closest companion Buzo in a dress shop and misconstrues them. Later on in Tejo’s closest companion’s sister’s commitment, Tejo discovers the reality of them as they act as spouse wife and watches Fateh propose to Jasmine.

She is very heart broken. Later she comes clean to her and Fateh’s family and wailing goes out giving all the obligation of her to Jasmine. Fateh’s family attempt a ton to stop her yet fizzle. We should perceive what more is written in the fate of Tejo, Jasmin and Fateh and how they take their Udaariyaan to finish their fantasies.

Udaariyan Written Update 13th September

Udaariyaan Today Episode Written Update

Udaariyan is one of most popular and fan favourite TV serial in India and neighbouring areas out there. This show is premiered on Colors TV at 7:00 pm sharp from Monday to Friday and due to high fanbase of this show, public seems to read and discuss what will happen in next episode. Moreover fans are even searching on google for their written Updates.

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Udaariyan 13th September written update

What happened in Udaariyaan latest episode?

  • Abhishek Kumar as Amrik Singh Virk: Khushbeer and Gurpreet’s son; Fateh, Simran and Mahi’s brother and Jasmin’s secret lover.
  • Rashmeet Kaur Sethi as Mahi Kaur Virk: Gurpreet and Khushbeer’s youngest daughter; Simran, Fateh and Amrik’s younger sister. She likes and supports Tejo.
  • Abhiraaj Chawla as Abhiraaj Singh Sandhu: Harman and Lovely’s elder son; Navraj’s elder brother; Tejo, Jasmin, and Dilraj’s cousin
  • Ram Aujla as Khushbeer Singh Virk: Gurpreet’s husband; Fateh, Amrik, Mahi, and Simran’s father and Tejo’s father in law.
  • Kamal Dadiala as Satti Kaur Sandhu: Rupy’s wife; Tejo, Jasmin, and Dilraj’s mother
  • Raman Dhagga as Rupy Singh Sandhu: Satti’s husband; Tejo, Jasmin, and Dilraj’s father (2021–present)s mother; Tejo’s mother in law.
  • Amandeep Kaur as Nimmo Kaur Virk: Balbeer’s wife; Gurpreet’s sister; Fateh, Amrik, Mahi and Simmi’s aunt.
  • Ranjit Riaz Sharma as Bauji: Khushbeer, Balbir and Pammi’s father; Gurpreet, Nimmo and Manjit’s father-in-law; Fateh, Amrik, Mahi, and Simmi’s grandfather.
  • Chetna Singh as Simran Kaur Virk a.k.a Simmi: Gurpreet and Khushbeer’s eldest daughter; Fateh, Amrik and Mahi’s eldest sister and Candy’s mother and Buzzo’s wife. She lives in Punjab and hides it secret from her family stating them she lives in Canada
  • Virsa Riar as Buzzo: Fateh’s friend, Simran’s second husband, and Candy’s adoptive father; He helps Fateh to forget Jasmin and supports Tejo
  • Mohinder Gujral as Sukhmini Kaur Sandhu: Ruby and Harman’s mother; Satti and Lovely’s mother-in-law; Tejo, Jasmin, Abhiraaj, Navraj and Dilraj’s grandmother.
  • Amrit Chahal as Lovely Kaur Sandhu: Harman’s wife; Abhiraaj and Navraj’s mother
  • Sukhpal Singh as Harman Singh Sandhu: Lovely’s husband; Abhiraaj and Navraj’s father
  • Preet Rajput as Navraj Singh Sandhu: Harman and Lovely’s younger son; Abhiraj’s younger brother; Tejo, Jasmin and Dilraj’s cousin
  • Tavish Gupta as Dilraj Singh Sandhu: Rupy and Satti’s youngest son; Tejo and Jasmin’s younger brother; Abhiraj and Navraj’s cousin
  • Jaswant Daman as Biji: Khushbeer, Balbir and Pammi’s mother; Gurpreet, Nimmo and Manjit’s mother-in-law; Fateh, Amrik, Mahi, and Simmi’s grandmother
  • Mohit Nain as Gippy (from Canada): Jasmin’s ex-fiancee
  • Lokesh Batta as Jass Kohli; Tejo’s former husband
  • Santosh Malhotra as Mrs Kohli: Jass’s mother
  • Amanpreet Kaur as Preeto: Jasmin’s best friend; Neetu’s sister
  • Loveneet Kaur as Sweety: Jasmin’s friend who helps Jasmin in her plans to get back Fateh
  • Unknown as Balbir Singh Virk: Nimmo’s husband; Khushbeer and Pammi’s brother; Fateh, Amrik, Mahi and Simmi’s uncle
  • Pardeep Soni as Manjit Singh Bajwa: Pammi’s husband; Khushbeer’s brother-in-law; Fateh, Amrik, Mahi and Simmi’s uncle
  • Kiran Kaur as Pammi Kaur Bajwa: Manjit’s wife; Khushbeer and Balbir’s sister; Fateh, Amrik, Mahi and Simmi’s aunt
  • Pawan Dhiman as Gurpreet and Nimmo’s brother; Fateh, Amrik, Mahi, and Simmi’s maternal uncle
  • Jaivik Wadhwa as Candy: Simran’ son and Buzo’s adoptive son
  • Unknown as Neetu: Preeto’s sister (2021)s former lover

Udaariyan today episode written Update

Udaariyaan 14th September Written Updates FAQs

Is the promo for the upcoming episode available?

Yes, the viewers can watch the promo for today’s episode on YouTube or TV.

Is it possible to get the episode update properly?

To get a proper episode update, you can read the written story of today’s episode in the post above.

Can we read the Udaariyaan 14th September Written Update?

Yes, if you are interested in knowing the story, go through the paragraphs above.

When Was Udaariyaan serial launched ?

It was launched on 15 March.

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