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Yeh Hain Chahatein Latest Episode Written Update 8 August 2021 weekly

Yeh Hain Chahatein Latest Episode Written Update 8 August 2021 weekly : Just updated “Yeh Hain Chahatein Latest Episode Written Update 8 August 2021 weekly ” Episode Full Latest Episode Written Update at liveanswertoday.com

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Star Plus’s best show Yeh Hai Chahatein is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

Last week we saw that, Devika’s lawyer has proved Preesha guilty by giving the witness of Forensic doctor and Armaan. He also tells this in court that Preesha lived with Rudra in a rented house for two days. He says that Devika got to know about this. He ask the Judge that For this cold blooded murder Preesha should get harsh punishment. Meanwhile, Sulochana reveals the truth to Rudra that Devika was Accidentally killed by her when she goes there to ask her that why she don’t want to marry Rudra? He ask her to come with him to police and confess everything.

Sulochana refuses to do this. Rudra has recorded everything and takes her to the court. When the judge is about to give his judgement he stops him and tells everything. Then Judge announces his Judgement and because Sulochana hides this fact therefore she is sentenced to 5 years of jail. While leaving Sulochana tells Rudra that he left her for Preesha but she will never come back to him. Preesha’s parents thanks Rudra. Preesha also thanks him and hugs him. He tells her that now she will live with him in the Khurana house.

Armaan Stops him and says that Preesha will not go with him because her daughter is waiting for her. Preesha also tells him that she has to go. Then Armaan tells Preesha that if she wants to go back Rudra then she can because he has seen love for Rudra in her eyes. Preesha says that she is not going anywhere because she loves Anvi more. Armaan uses Anvi to hold Preesha back to him. Next morning, Armaan ask Preesha to accompany him to Shimla for some work. His plan was to spend some quality time with Preesha.

Armaan makes a cunning plan to spend a night in Shimla with Preesha. Armaan puts Preesha’s phone on switch off. he called a mechanic and ask him to cut the wire of the car in a way so that it get stopped after half an hour. He called in a hotel and tells them that he is coming there with his wife and ask them to book a sweet for them. He ask the receptionist to tell Preesha that the mechanic is not available at this time. He says that he wants to give surprise to his wife. Everything goes according to his plan.

Rudra finds out that Preesha is in Shimla with Armaan he decided to go there. He tells Sharda that he is going to Shimla for some work. He ask Bunty to trace Armaan’s location. Later, Armaan tricks Preesha amd made her drink alcohol. She feels dizzy and at that he tries to talk about their life with her. Preesha says that it is not possible because she don’t have feelings for him. She says that she only loved Rudra and now she don’t want to love again and handle the pain that love gives her. Digvijay calls Armaan and Informs that Rudra is in Shimla.

Rudra reaches the hotel and ask the receptionist about the room no. of Armaan and Preesha. She denies to tell him and says that it is against the policy of their hotel. But Rudra somehow manages to go to their room. There he started fighting with Armaan and made him Unconscious. He puts the room on fire to distract everyone and takes Preesha with him to another hotel. There they both come closer to eachother. Later, Armaan finds out that Rudra has taken Preesha with him and he decided to find her in every hotel.

This is the weekly update of your favourite show Yeh hai Chahatein.

How will Armaan react when he sees Rudra with Preesha?

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