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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest Episode Written Update 8 August 2021 weekly

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest Episode Written Update 8 August 2021 weekly : Just updated “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest Episode Written Update 8 August 2021 weekly ” Episode Full Latest Episode Written Update at liveanswertoday.com

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Star Plus’s longest and most popular running show Yeh Rishta Kya Khelata Hai has managed to keep the viewers hooked to the story over the years and currently entertaining the viewers with Kartik and Sirat’s storyline.

In last week’s episode we saw that, Sirat gets bail from the court. Kartik requests the inspector to let him speak for one last time to Sirat but she refuses and says it’s against the rule. Kartik runs behind the Jeep. He tells Sirat that she got the bail. The media ask him how did he get the bail for Sirat, Kartik holds Sirat’s hand up and says truth prevails. Kartik takes Sirat to flow Maudi’s ashes in the river. Kartik tells Sirat that she’ll come with him to his house. Kartik brings Sirat to a house and tells her that he and Naira bought this house together, to come and live there once in a while but it never happened and now she can live there. When Kartik returns from his meeting and knocks on the door she doesn’t open the door. Sirat writes in the letter that since she was young she has taken care of herself but that changed when Kartik walked into her life and Kartik has always been in giving end of this relationship she has only gained from this. She tells Kartik that she wants to overcome and learn how to live with the pain alone and doesn’t want to be trouble for anyone. She requests Kartik to not look for her.

6 months later Kartik is in London to secure an investor for his new project. Kartik when he looks in the mirror he imagines Sirat in there. In Dalhousie Sirat lives with an old florist couple. The old couple is very fond of Sirat. Both in London and Dalhousie the TV shows a boxing match. Kartik gets a flashback of Sirat in the ring. The old man is watching the boxing match when Sirat asks him for the address. He asks her to wait for a moment as the match is very interesting and he invites Sirat to watch it. Sirat tells him that she is not interested in boxing. Back at the florist shop the old man asks Sirat to make an order to the vendors in London. when she calls there they connect her call to someone both Karthik and Sirat are on a call.

Sirat and Kartik’s call doesn’t connect. Kartik goes to the meeting. The inspector is impressed by his women empowered venture and she asks if there is any particular inspiration in his life or any person he has seen up close. Kartik thinks of Sirat. At night Kartik’s phone rings, he gets a notification of Sirat not coming to court for two consecutive hearings. He thinks why would Sirat not go to the hearing, he wonders if the lawyer has told her if she doesn’t come on the third hearing she’ll be considered fleed. Sirat in her bedroom thinks of both the instances why she couldn’t go to the court, first hearing she arrives at the court but when she sees Kartik she returns, second hearing when she tries to leave for the court the man who teases her Isha troubled her and she misses the hearing. She thinks to herself she can’t miss another hearing. Kartik calls Naksh and tells him that he is coming back.

Kartik was asking the police officer that why you don’t answer my calls? He said we have other works also. Kartik asked about Sirat. The police officer told him if she won’t come in the third hearing. We have to bring her to court forcefully. Kartik requests him to give me her address or contact so that I can cross-check whether she is fine or not but the officer denied it by giving the excuse of laws. Kartik went to Dalhousie police station and enquired about Sirat. They informed him that she works in a flower shop and after this, we won’t share anything else. Manish was getting angry with Kartik for again going after Sirat. He tells Swarna that this time I won’t forgive him if anything happens.

Kartik knocks at the door and the old man asks him who he is. Kartik says he is Simran’s college friend, Raj. Sirat tries to justify Kartik’s arrival. The couple says that they don’t mind his arrival. the couple invites Kartik to join them in celebrating their special day. Kartik and Sirat fabricate a story about their college The old couple offer Kartik to stay at their place, as Sirat also stays with them and both Sirat and Kartik would get a chance to catch up. They leave Kartik and Sirat alone and go. Sirat asks Kartik why he is there, as she wrote in the letter that she doesn’t want him to find her. Kartik says that he didn’t find her for the past six months. Sirat asks him what changed. Kartik tells Sirat that she didn’t show up at hearings and if she didn’t show up for the third time she would be considered a criminal. Sirat says that she is aware of that and she wouldn’t miss the third hearing. Kartik says that he would make sure that she doesn’t miss it as he would take her with him.

Kartik tells Sirat that he has one more reason to come to see her. Kartik tells Sirat that he expected to see her picture on some news channel or newspaper winning matches but she has completely changed and is now selling flowers which he never expected of her. Sirat tells Kartik that she has left the past behind and she asks Kartik for whom she should fight. Kartik says she should be back in the ring for Maudi as she wanted her to fulfill Ranveer and her dream of Sirat becoming the best boxer and independent in her life. Sirat tells Kartik that she will apologize to Maudi for not fulfilling her dream but she cannot go back to boxing. Next morning,Sirat tells Kartik she thought he would be gone by now. Kartik says she was wrong. Kartik takes permission from the couple to stay at their place.Sirat goes back to her room, she tells herself why Kartik is not understanding as she cannot go with him as his family wouldn’t like and she cannot risk their reputation again in the public. Sirat tells Kartik that if they return back together the media will again say those things and she doesn’t want his family to suffer so she won’t return and he would not be able to fulfill what he came here for.

Will Kartik be able to convince Sirat to return with him?

This was the weekly summary of your favourite show “Yeh Rishta Kya Khelata Hai”.

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