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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana Latest Episode Written Update 1 August 2021 weekly Copy

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana Latest Episode Written Update 1 August 2021 weekly Copy : Just updated “Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana Latest Episode Written Update 1 August 2021 weekly Copy ” Episode Full Latest Episode Written Update at liveanswertoday.com

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Star plus new show Zindagi mere ghar Aana has kept their audience amazed with it’s interesting storyline. The story will be based on the lives of Amrita and Pritam who will have totally different lives but fate brings them together. Amrita is a pregnant widow while Pritam will be having criminal records.

Last week we saw that, Sakhuja’s family is getting ready to attend the haldi function of Dolly, daughter of their neighbor Mr. Chaddha. It is shown that Kabir and Dolly used to love each other. Kabir is the notorious and troublemaker of the family. Sukhbeer and Santo always get into the sweet fight which everyone used to enjoy. Sonia and Santo ask Amrita to dance but a woman there says that it does not suit Amrita to dance because now Karan is not there. They get emotional but later they decided to dance. Nimmo again goes to find something about Karan but didn’t get to know anything.

Amrita recalls the past that Karan used to come and meet her while treating his patients and their society ask him to not come there as it will spread the disease. That was the last day she saw him. She broke down and cries so much. Nimmo consoles her. The next day, everyone goes to the wedding ceremony of Dolly. There Kabir meets dolly and her father saw both of them together. Dolly puts the blame on Kabir that he came here stealthily and was asking her to run away. But Kabir explained to them that he is here to give silbatta because Sonia asked him to do so.

Meanwhile, Amrita recalls the day when Karan leaves for the hospital and gets emotional. Kabir comes and takes her to the Dolly’s wedding. Meera was also invited in the wedding but Krishankant doesn’t let her go. He calls Angad and informs him. After the function, everyone is enjoying family time while drinking tea. Angad and Kabir go to Mr. Chaddha’s house to help him. Meanwhile, Mr. Rastogi came for the help. He says that his son got sick and thay have links in the hospital so please help him. Nimmo shouts at them and says that why should they help them because when Karan used to come there for few minutes he started shouting at him.

Amrita asks Nimmo to stop and tells him that she will do whatever she can. Later, Amrita advises everyone that they should think about Angad and Meera wedding and go to her house to fix the date. She says that Meera can bring happiness in their lives and it is also the last wish of Karan. Angad and Kabir goes to Meera’s house to pick her up and goes to drink beer. There Meera tells him that why don’t he meets her after office. Angad says to Meera that after Karan, Angad is handling his family financially. Meera says that few days ago when she called at his office then at that time his receptionist told him that he doesn’t work here anymore.

Angad handles the situation by saying that he told the receptionist to told her that because he was busy. The next day, when everyone was doing preparations to got to Meera’s house, Angad shouts at them and says that he don’t want to marry now. Then an employee of Guneet comes and he get to know that he suffers loss in his shop. Angad says that first they need to take care of themselves, then only they are able to make Meera happy. But still his family convince him and goes to Meera’s house. Angad was jobless from past two months that’s why he don’t want to marry now.

When they go to Meera’s house, there Krishankant flaunts his money and makes Guneet feels lower. Then Guneet talks to him about the wedding. He says to Meera and Angad’s wedding and says that they should wait for few more months. But everyone pleases him so he says that okay Krishankant will talk to Pandit Ji. Everyone congratulates each other.

Will Krishankant allow Meera and Angad to get married?

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